KMD-7 Series

Drum microphone pack

  • Combination of Condensers & Dynamic Mics for acoustic drums
  • 7 mics included 
  • Unidirectional polar responses
  • Neodymium magnets (Except KM-3)
  • Dent-resistant steel grilles
  • Rugged cast Zinc alloy bodies
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • All contained in a durable carry case
Microphone_KMD-7 Series

KM series are designed to provide exceptionally clear, articulate sound with excellent off-axis rejection for high gain before feedback in a live environment. The range consists of a variety of condenser and dynamic microphones. Combined the series as a whole works exeptionally well for drum kits, however each microphone performs as an individual also working as vocal and instrument mics in their own right.

The KMD-7 pack consists of two KM3’s, a KM4 and four KM5’s to provide a one stop drum microphone solution suitable for live and home studio use.